Small Mario

First Apperance

Super Mario Bros./Mario Bros.

Powers Given

No Powers Given

Latest Apperance

Super Small Mario Bros. X

Small Mario, known as Tiny Mario in Super Small Mario Bros, is a power down of Luigi, Mario,Princess,Toad,Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Waluigi, and Wario. He still always wears his hat, except for NSMB Wii and Super Mario. In NSMB Wii, Small Mario still wears his cap when he has 98- lives. In Super Mario 3D Land, Small Mario wears his cap (when having 1110 lives, the most in the game). Small Wario and Waluigi act the same way as Small Mario in Super Mario. When Wario and Waluigi have 99+ lives,as Wario and Waluigi, they lose their hats until they have 98- lives. As The small Wario Bros, They gain their hats back on at 99+ lives. It does not use an item, but it is used when hit by enimies. This is the weakest form of Mario and Luigi.


No ability for Small Mario. It uses a starting for 2D Mario Games. If Mario get hit, he's killed. That's why Mario needs a Mushroom.