"the Mario way" Edit

To do "the Mario way",Mario has to go to a level (best level is test level 00x23x44x32x90x11x55x66x77x88x99 in the code.)He has to run 999% fast and jump and he will reach the back of the flagpole. It is recommended that you get glue for Mario's cap so you don't have to do the level again or lose his cap.

Worldx 1x-1z.

To get to Worldx 1x-1z., playing as Luigi,you have to play World 1-1 999 times. Luigi's name will change to L.4529 and you will be in Worldx 1x-1z.

Live at under -55 livesEdit

To make this work, You have to go on Wi-Fi and text your Mii "YOU!" and go to the Check YOU out Channel and find your Mii. If you find your Mii and click on him he will run away and go to the game. Keep your game in.If you don't keep your game in, your Wii U will turn into a PLAYSTATION 3.After you found a will stay under -55 lives until you get a 1UP.

L25,and W25 livesEdit

This only works in the North America version.

When fighting Weegee,you have to avoid his fire and get a total of 1,100 coins.If Mario gets a life,it goes down.If Mario loses a life,it goes up.

Go under the levelEdit

To do this,playing as Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic needs to go to test level 00x23x44x32x90x11x55x66x77x88x99 and run 10000000000000000000000000000% fast. Then Sonic needs to jump and he will go under the level and stay there until Sonic reaches a Bowser sign.

Hidden,Inverted,Secret Coin HeavenEdit

To go to the coolest level ever (which is world 1414-1616), playing as Luigi, Luigi needs to be Tanooki Luigi to do this,Luigi needs to go to the end of a level and fly. Then you will be in the hidden,inverted,secret coin heaven with 9999999999999% load of coins!